Deployment on Local Cluster

Kubernetes-nmstate project allows you to spin up a virtualized Kubernets/OpenShift cluster thanks to kubevirtci project. In this guide, we will create a local Kubernetes cluster with two nodes and preinstalled node dependencies. Then we will deploy kubernetes-nmstate from local sources.

If you want to deploy kubernetes-nmstate on your arbitrary cluster, read the deployment on arbitrary cluster guide.

Start your local cluster. If you want to use OpenShift instead of Kubernetes or a different amount of nodes, check the development guide.

Start the local cluster

make cluster-up

Stop the local cluster

make cluster-down

Build kubernetes-nmstate from local sources and install it on the cluster. This command can be executed repeatedly in order to install changed sources to the cluster.

make cluster-sync

You can ssh into the created nodes using cluster/ ssh.

cluster/ ssh node01

Finally, you can access Kubernetes API using cluster/

cluster/ get nodes

If you want to use kubectl to access the cluster, start a proxy.

cluster/ proxy --port=8080 --disable-filter=true &

You can stop here and play with the cluster on your own or continue with the other user guides that will guide you through requesting of node interfaces and their configuration.