A Declarative API for Host Network Management

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Develop Environment Setup

After create fork of https://github.com/nmstate/nmstate and clone to local. Below sections are tips to boost the develop environment.

Helper script for git actions

Python code formatter

Please install the python code formatter - black. The CI will check whether code looks good according to black, hence before creating pull request, use black . in your code base could fix them up before CI complains.

You may add below lines into your .vimrc which allows you to format the python code in vim by pressing \ then f. The vim-plug is required.

let g:black_linelength = 79
let g:black_skip_string_normalization = 0
autocmd FileType python nnoremap <silent> <leader>f :Black<cr>

call plug#begin('~/.vim/plugged')
if $USER != 'root'
"Plug 'psf/black', { 'tag': 'stable' }
Plug 'psf/black'

Python code checker

After install pylint and flake8, you should use [this script][cs] to check your code before submitting pull request.

Command tools for github pull requests

By installing github command line tool, you could simplify the work on creating and reviewing PR:

NFS service

Testing nmstate will lose internet access, so we need to share the code to test VMs. NFS service running at develop machine would be enough:


Testing Environment Setup

Please create these VMs for testing purpose of nmstate:

All of them should be NFS access to develop machine code and this line in ~/.bashrc:

export PYTHONPATH=/home/fge/Source/nmstate

And this file to /usr/bin/nmstatectl and create a soft link to /usr/bin/ncl.

Script for creating test veth

The ci_env will setup eth1 and eth2 for testing. The ci_env 1 will remove them.

Script for clean up

Please download ct and edit $NIC to the NIC of VM and backup the network state by sudo ncl show $NIC > ~/os.yml.

Script for testing without container

The pt script can be used by:

cd Source/nmstate/test/integration
pt -x

To run the pt with runtime logging: pt_debug To run the pytest multiple times until fail: pt_repeat

pt_repeat 100 -x

Script for testing inside container

Download ci_docker and place it into your $PATH.

Download docker_cmds and modify it to the correct git repo path.

To start a container:


After that, copy the content of docker_cmds and paste it in the container shell.

Script for testing inside slow container

Just use ci_docker_slow, or add cpu=0.1 after podman or docker command.

To simulate the travis CI, the ci_docker_slow should be run on Ubuntu 18.04.

Checklist for contributors

Git commit Sign-off

This line should included at the bottom of git commit message.

Signed-off-by: John Doe <jdoe@example.com>

The git commit -s will do the magic.

Commit message format

The commit message format should be:

section: brief description

Full descritption including root cause analyze, code workflow, test coverage.


ovsdb: Preserve the NM external_ids

For newly created OVS internal interface with customer external_ids,
the ovsdb plugin will remove the NM external_ids `NM.connection.uuid`.

The fix is read the current `NM.connection.uuid` before applying
configure and merge it with original desired state.

Integration test cases added.

CI passing

The CI should be pass before any patch been accepted. Instead of waiting CI, you should try to run the test locally mentioned above.

Create Github pull request

If possible, please add Wait_Review flag to a pull request. Other flags: